Our employees are our biggest asset; we believe successful careers are built on curiosity, continuous learning, innovation, and effective leadership.

A collaborative and respectful environment for rule breakers with entrepreneurial spirits and creative minds.

We will provide you the seeds to success with your career here at Pearson Dunn.

Our Culture

We are inherently connected to the success and results of our clients.

It is in our nature to care more about our clients and their needs above all. Every day we strive to deliver the best service experience in our industry, even partnering with the Ritz-Carlton organization to learn from a best in class provider.

Pearson Dunn Insurance Brokers

Like. Trust. Believe.

A large part of delivering a superior client service, and our culture, is that we fundamentally believe our clients have to like us, trust us, and believe in us in order to create the most valuable partnership.

As such, our people, driven by our values and our service excellence culture, are constantly focused on our client relationships above all else.

Our Credo

At Pearson Dunn, facilitating protection, comfort, and value creation is our highest mission.

We pledge to provide the finest personal service, and appropriate solutions for our clients, who will always feel certain and secure in their endeavours.

The Pearson Dunn experience is uncompromising, with our clients’ interests above all else, instilling trust, and creating lasting relationships.

Pearson Dunn Toronto Office

Benefits of Working at Pearson Dunn

At Pearson Dunn, skills development is always encouraged.  We provide a supportive learning environment with meaningful and early exposure to clients and insurer partners.  Defined career pathing and ongoing recognition and feedback create a learning culture with a focus on career development.  As part of Gallagher, we have access to global opportunities, education, and internships.

Career Advancement

We have clear career pathing detailing educational, experiential, and knowledge milestones to advance.  We promote internally and communicate regularly with our people to ensure engagement, alignment and progress.

Continuing Education

We strongly believe that knowledge creates leverage. We continually invest in our people to ensure that they are equipped to deliver relevant solutions as risk in the world evolves. We support technical and personal development learning at all levels at Pearson Dunn.


In addition to competitive compensation, we offer generous vacation allowances, personal wellness days, as well as an attractive benefits package that supports a healthy work-life balance.


Our culture directly reflects our values.  We are truly professionals who care more and that extends to our colleagues.  Our people expect high performance from their teammates and support each other always.  Transparency, humour and kindness are the hallmarks of our environment.

Service Values

We are proud to be Pearson Dunn.

Our values are the foundation of our compassionate team-oriented culture, guiding us in all we do.

Together we pursue our goals purposefully and enthusiastically, incorporating respect, exceptional service, community, trust, and knowledge.

I build strong relationships and create Pearson Dunn clients for life; I care more.
I am always responsive to the expressed needs of our clients and anticipate what comes next.
I am proud of my professional appearance, language, and behaviour.
I do more to create a positive and memorable experience for our clients.
I own and immediately resolve client problems.
I collaborate with my colleagues so that the needs of our clients and each other are met.
I continuously learn and grow as a professional.
I respect the confidentiality of our work.
I continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve the Pearson Dunn experience.

Current Openings

Are you awesome? Join our dynamic team by applying below.

Additional career opportunities exist for Client Executives as we are always looking for talented, sales driven individuals.



Our People

Our people are what make Pearson Dunn unique. We each take great pride in looking after your insurance and risk management needs.

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About Us

Pearson Dunn works with a diverse range of individuals and global corporations, offering clients a uniquely Canadian perspective.

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