Cyber Liability

As your business becomes increasingly reliant on technology, the potential impact of a cyber related loss becomes increasingly inherent.

Exposure Summary

A Cyber Breach could bring unwanted costs to the business for Customer Notification, Legal Counsel, Credit Monitoring and Public Relation just to name a few. Our team of professionals have access to Cyber Market leaders. Working together, we can provide you with Risk management tools and solutions to bring awareness to those within your business, however when these safety nets fail, Cyber Insurance will be there to see you through.

Our Approach

We engage with the aim to understand, advise and provide the right coverage, and then broker on your behalf. We listen, diagnose and then prescribe the right solutions for your business. We spend the time required to ensure you understand what risks you are transferring and why, and allow you to make an educated decision on what risks you wish to retain. We dig deep with you to understand your reliance on technology, vulnerability to disruption, and how we can protect you.

Common Causes of Cyber Breach

  • Negligence (Lost laptop or mobile device, improperly disposed files)
  • Rogue Employees (Past & Present)
  • Business Associates (third party billing agencies or service providers)
  • Hackers

Cyber Insurance Can Cover:

  • First party damages (damage to  your own computer, network and data)
  • Third party damages (damage to third party’s computer, network and data of others)
  • Expenses and other related costs that emerge from privacy breaches including theft of personal information, corporate data and even trade secrets.

Work with a team you can trust.

Our skill in presenting your project to a specialized marketplace of insurance providers familiar with protecting clients with cyber breach exposures is a significant advantage for you. We will negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best protection at the best price.

When something goes wrong, we know how to present a claim to get it paid quickly and without issue. If it is not going well, we step in and manage the process and advocate for you.

Globally relevant and backed by global capital, we search our top-tier  Canadian sources of capital, and utilize our Gallagher partners across the globe, to locate the most efficient, highest quality policy in the world for you. Our global network is your competitive advantage.

We don’t have a call centre, we have professionals who care more.

Our dedicated team has specialized experience insuring businesses of all sizes. We also partner with financially secure ‘A’ rated insurers and work alongside lenders to ensure your insurance meets everyone`s requirements.

We are professionals, who care more.

Pearson Dunn is a Canadian insurance brokerage and risk management consultancy with a national footprint and a focus on service excellence.

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