Whether it is a poorly planned renewal that takes up your valuable time or an unexpected restriction of coverage that affects a new customer contract, you do not want to spend valuable margin on insurance broker services that have little or no return on investment. You want an advisor that can help you create control and will deliver predictable results.

Exposure Summary

Global competition, market disruption, changing regulations, a tight labour market and rising energy costs…the pressures facing Canadian manufacturers continue to challenge the industry and impact the value of your business. Controlling your company’s insurance experience is one challenge with an achievable solution.

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Our Approach

Maximizing the benefit of and gaining control of your insurance expense starts with having an annual plan, creating accountability and driving measured results. At Pearson Dunn, we work with you, providing brokerage and risk management advice on your schedule to allow you to focus on growing your business.

Knowing that insurance is one of a hundred things on your mind as you operate your business, we interact with the aim to understand, advise, and provide the right coverage, and then broker on your behalf. Efficiency, ease and quick-turnaround are critical for you and we deliver to satisfy you and your vendors, clients, lenders, landlords and lessors. We also spend the time required to ensure you understand what risks you are transferring and why, and allow you to make an educated decision on what risks you wish to retain.

How We Can Help

Allow us to assist in designing an insurance program to suit your business needs appropriately. We will explain the coverage to help you understand how they mesh and provide financial stability when risk management fails. Rather than product dump or list a bunch of insurance coverages you don’t understand, call us for help and we will explain how to:

  • Protect your business appropriately to reflect your industry, size and needs
  • Establish values – repair and replace your property quickly
  • Explain co-insurance – understand and avoid penalties by insuring to value
  • Choose the right deductibles
  • Calculate business interruption – insuring your cash flow for when you need it most
  • Draft contracts – what risks can you transfer to third parties? What risks have you assumed?
  • Decide on liability coverage that corresponds with and protects your operations

Understand your risks including environmental, cyber, product recall, errors & omissions, directors & offers liability.

Representing You At Every Step

Your insurance program is more than just policies and certificates, it is your key risk management tool towards growth and profitability. Pearson Dunn’s skill in presenting your risk to a specialized marketplace of insurers familiar with protecting your accomplishments and assets, is a significant advantage for you. We will negotiate on your behalf to ensure the best protection at the best price.

When something goes wrong, we know how to present a claim to get it paid quickly and without issue, and if it is not going well, we step in and manage the process and advocate for you.

We are professionals, who care more.

Pearson Dunn is a Canadian insurance brokerage and risk management consultancy with a national footprint and a focus on service excellence.

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