Non-Profit Organizations

As a non-profit organization, you are tasked with optimizing service delivery to your members, under the pressure of budgetary constraint. Lack of resources can often get in the way of prudent risk management while the expectations of your stakeholders can be significant.

Exposure Summary

Non-profits, when you scratch the surface, are significantly exposed to a multitude of potential risks. The path to good intentions is often compromised and the results can get ugly quickly.

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Our Approach

Our experienced professionals in non-profits have a deep understanding of your world. We have served children and youth societies, advocacy groups, sporting, professional associations, community service organizations, health and educational groups, and more.

We respect that funding can be difficult and your purse limited with the twin requirements of transparency and accountability. To assist, we provide the most fiscally responsible insurance and risk management program to limit any waste of public and private finances.

We understand that compliance is a priority for many non-profits and work hard to ensure that we create programs that meet all your compliance concerns with respect to funding and other contractual obligations.

Some risk exposures we have experienced include:

  • Volunteer board members held personally liable for their board actions
  • Internal theft of association and society monies
  • Costly wrongful dismissal suits brought by disgruntled Executive Directors and other paid positions
  • Injuries to participants and volunteers during events
  • Unforeseen liquor liability at gala and other events
  • Event cancellation and monetary loss
  • Privacy breaches and exposure of confidential information.

Knowledge Transfer

We are strong supporters of continuing education and have produced some of the finest teachers and mentors within our industry. This foundation of learning is extended to our clients as we are able to provide learning and educational sessions to all levels and divisions in order to enhance best and safe practices from the Board level to the volunteers.

We have developed a curriculum that includes:

  • Directors and Officers – Indemnification or Insurance or both?
  • Volunteer Liability
  • Slip and Fall Hazards – What to do
  • Cyber Security and Liability – How to manage the risks
  • The Importance of Business Continuity Planning
  • Employee Fraud – What is your fidelity risk?
  • Waivers of Liability. Do they transfer risk effectively?
  • The Importance of Documentation as a risk management tool
  • Risk Assessments as an effective tool for insurance buying

We invite you to learn more about how we can help your non-profit by contacting your Pearson Dunn representative.

We are professionals, who care more.

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