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Small Business

We know how hard you’ve worked for it.

As a small business owner, your focus should be on building your business—not worrying about how fire, theft or broken equipment could interrupt your workflow and possibly result in lost profits.

You may also need to provide proof of insurance coverage, seek protection from third-party lawsuits, purchase commercial general liability or insure for errors and omissions.

Pearson Dunn Insurance provides smart risk management solutions to protect your small business operation, so you can concentrate on the work you’re most passionate about.

When shopping for small business insurance, we can provide you with coverage for:

  • Property, such as buildings, stock and equipment
  • Loss of business income and payment of extra expenses following damage to your business from an insured peril such as fire, windstorm and equipment breakdown
  • Crime, including theft of assets and money by employees and others
  • Legal liability owed to others due to your negligence
  • Vehicles used in your business—one vehicle or an entire fleet

We believe in providing our clients with advocacy, choice and independent advice. This is our “Personal Protection Promise” to you.