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Aside from your loved ones, what in your home is irreplaceable? Whether it’s your artwork, vintage cars, or heirloom jewellery, we can help you understand where these items fit in your coverage and at what cost? We are experts in providing peace of mind.

Exposure Summary

When the unexpected happens, a claim can be a messy, stressful event. Allow us to ensure you carry appropriate limits for your home, contents and have the funds and resources available to live comfortably elsewhere while your home is repaired or replaced.

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Our Approach

You have worked hard to attain all that you have and want to work with a broker who understands the demands of your world, appreciates your assets, and cares about protecting them as much as you do. Pearson Dunn has a unique perspective on the needs of our successful families and has a dedicated team of practice advisors.

Personal Assets

Your home is both a financial and emotional investment. That is why Pearson Dunn takes the time to understand its details, so we can ensure it is rebuilt to your expectations.

Pearson Dunn takes the time to understand all the elements of your house that make it your home. From custom cabinetry to unique landscaping, heritage structures to the work of craftspeople, we want to ensure your home is rebuilt or repaired to its original beauty. Whether it be your primary residence, condominium-living, or a seasonal/vacation home, let us find the best protection for you and your family.

Here are a coverage areas to consider:

  • Extended Replacement Cost
  • Appraisals to Validate Limits
  • Cash Settlement
  • Additional Living Expenses
  • Replacement Cost for Contents
  • Upgrades to Condos
  • Condo Loss Assessment
  • Earthquake
  • Unwanted Water
  • Equipment Breakdown

Personal Cyber

If you’re the victim of identity fraud, recovering your identity and clearing your credit history could result in staggering financial loss through legal costs, lost wages and other expenses.

Having identity theft protection can help mitigate your loss in the event of fraud, which may arise from the theft of credit cards, use of your computer through hacking, or someone using your name on loans and purchases.

We can provide intelligent risk management solutions to help you safeguard your identity and protect your credit rating. We offer identify theft protection as an individual policy or as part of your existing property policy.

Personal Collections

If you are serious about your collection, you need to be serious about insuring it too. We appreciate fine art, automobiles, wine, jewellery, and can advise how best to protect it.

We know that your treasures reflect memories and passions and that protecting them is paramount. We will help you find peace of mind with the pieces you have collected or inherited are protected with enhanced coverage and tailored limits. Wear your jewellery, loan your artwork, purchase new pieces while travelling – having the right coverage will ensure you can enjoy your prized possessions.

  • Fine art
  • Fine jewellery and timepieces
  • Collector automobiles
  • Wine
  • Memorabilia

Other Services

With accomplishments and assets come unique risk exposures. We offer niche products to protect your family assets and reputation against uncertainty.

  • Personal Liability
  • Philanthropic
  • Family Office
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Personal Security Assessments
  •  Travel & Cyber Security Diagnostics
  • Aviation & Marine
  • Wildfire Defense & Hurricane Assistance
  • Loss Control and Pre-Claim Advisory
  • Water Detection Solutions & Infrared Camera Services

Work with a team you can trust.

ll-fitting insurance can be almost as worthless as no insurance. This is especially true for busy, successful individuals who have more in their lives to look after.

Simple inattention, given enough time, creates insurance that is less relevant to your lifestyle – leaving you perhaps unaware and unprepared should something happen. Our Private Client Services team specializes in assisting you to understand, update and optimize your coverage.

Our Private Client Services team specializes in assisting you to understand, update and optimize your coverage.

We spend time with you at your office or home to identify and quantify what you do, what you own, what you stand to lose, and what is needed to protect your family assets and reputation against uncertainty. Our review will also respect your lifestyle, personal values and goals.

We appreciate fine art, automobile, wine and jewellery collections, and can advise you on how to protect them. We understand that your nanny drives your car, you spend your winters in the south and your summers at the cottage, and that your bicycles cost more than some cars.

Our Private Client Services Team

We invite you to learn more about how our team can help you by contacting your Pearson Dunn representative at your earliest convenience.

Our Private Client Team
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