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Water Damage FAQ

Is my home covered for flood?
No.  'Flood' like water losses can be as a result to three types of damage, overland flood, seepage and sewer backup.
Think weather events like hurricanes or tsunamis, or more locally, the heavy rainstorm in July of last summer.  Your homeowner's policy does not cover this type of water damage.
Seepage is another type of water related peril that is not covered by your homeowner's policy. Properties with poor drainage are often left with water penetrating the foundation. Keep your eavestroughs clear and make sure they're being drained away from your home. The grading of your property plays another important role against protecting your home from water damage caused by the melting of snow and ice.
The last type of water damage as it relates to 'flood' is sewer back up.  Your susceptibility to this type of water damage depends on a number of factors, but especially where you live.  Check your policy! It can include this type of coverage and if it does, be sure that the limit is at a sufficient level to repair your cave!
For more clarity on water damage and how to save your cave, please don't hesitate to contact our cave advisors.
How can homeowners protect themselves?
Talk to your broker and read your policy!  This will help you understand what type of coverages your insurance policy includes and how that policy will respond in the event of a loss.
Taking precaution by installing a tankless water heater, backflow valves and sump pumps as these tools can significantly reduce the impact of water damage.  These loss prevention measures can be taken into account by insurance companies in the form of savings!
Don't let the appeal of cheap insurance lure you in.  Its that cheap for a reason!  That reason is usually because coverage for perils such as sewer backup, are reduced to inadequate / insignificant / inexistent limits that will not help in the event of a loss.

Water Damage Prevention Checklist

Are all shingles in good condition?

Are eavestroughs clear and is water draining away from the home?

Water Heaters
Has the water heater been inspected this year and is it in good condition?

Have you considered a tankless water heater?

Do you have a sump pump with a backup power source?

Do you have a backwater valve?

Is the home's foundation in good condition?

Are all door and window wells sealed properly?

Is water flowing away from the home?

Vacation & Holiday Tips
Arrange to have someone check your house regularly.  Especially the basement.

Shut off the water to your house.