Sports & Recreation

We cover all angles to help you stay in the game.

We understand sports, athletes, and injuries because we have protected leagues, facilities, and individuals for over thirty years.

Exposure Summary

Millions of Canadians participate in sports and recreation activities on a daily basis. Pearson Dunn provides exceptional product and advice to help ensure activities remain fun and injured parties are protected.

Our expertise is valued by a wide range of current clients, including more than 1,000 sports and event companies, 90 provincial and national associations, innumerable teams and individual athletes – and of course fairs, festivals, and sports and recreation centres.

Leagues & Associations

Whether you are joining or starting a league or association- we've got you covered! Our experts at Pearson Dunn can recommend the best coverages for all leagues and associations

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Special Events

When hosting any type of event- big or small - Pearson Dunn has the proper coverage to ensure all runs smoothly without worry.

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Seasonal and Camps

This coverage is ideal for educational and learning discovery programs, and seasonal sports teams or events that run for a short duration.

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Fitness & Yoga

Designed for all fitness and yoga instructors, our coverage is quick, easy, and affordable so you can have an incredible practice.

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Protect your leagues, associations, teams, and athletes travelling outside Canada or the province who participate in sports related activities with special travel medical coverage.

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Our Expertise

Our experts have helped protect thousands of athletes, coaches and officials by managing their unique exposures to risk.  We are especially proud to have insured 10 of 18 Canadian medalists in London at the 2012 Olympic Games.

As with any organization, sport association or league, exposure to risk needs to be properly addressed.

Our sports specialists can provide coverage for:

  • Sports Clubs
  • Provincial & National Sports Organizations
  • Sport Domes & Complexes
  • Dance Studios
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Play Centres
  • Golf Clubs/Miniputt/Driving Range
  • Adventure Tourism/Extreme Sports
  • Bowling Centres
  • Swimming Clubs
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Retail Sport Shops
  • Paint Ball/Lasertag
  • Rock Climbing Centres
  • National/International Sport Events

We are a collective of insurance professionals, committed to a better customer experience.

We invite you to learn more about how our Sports & Recreation team can help you by contacting our trusted advisors at your earliest convenience.

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User Group Applications

Our User Group Insurance Program is designed to provide insurance coverage for anyone renting facilities that do not have access to other insurance coverage.

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