Leagues & Associations

Our team deals with many leagues and associations on a daily basis and ensures they have the best coverage in team sports!

Exposure Summary

When any unexpected injury or accident happens, we are there to help and guide you along the way. We make sure you and your league or association is taken care of and handled with the best care.

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Trust that we will listen to you, assess your risks, and recommend the appropriate coverage best suited for your needs and requirements

Coverage Essentials

  • Commercial General Liability, including participant to participant coverage
  • Sport Accident Insurance
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Directors & Officers
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Property Coverage
  • Excess Liability
  • Legal Defense Coverage

Work with a team you can trust.

We don’t have a call centre, we have professionals who care more.

  • Advice driven, we identify any gaps in existing coverage and provide ways to address them
  • We provide additional Risk Management services tailored to your needs, including assistance with waivers and facility risk management
  • We are always mindful of expense and look for opportunities to uncover potential savings
  • We posses both local knowledge and global capability – active in our communities and transacting with global partners. We provide superior breadth of coverage and knowledge to ensure your experiences are always protected
  • We will craft an insurance plan tailored to the specific needs of your organization

User Group Applications

Our User Group Insurance Program is designed to provide insurance coverage for anyone renting facilities that do not have access to other insurance coverage.

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