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Any and all sporting events are included with this coverage, providing the most cost effective pricing per traveller for medical coverage in excess of your own provincial/territorial plan.

Exposure Summary

The only worry you should have while travelling is what to pack. We've got the rest covered!

travel insurance

Our Approach

We make sure its as possible for you to travel with ease and have the best coverage.

Coverage Essentials

  • Complete travel coverage anywhere in or outside of Canada

Work with a team you can trust.

We don’t have a call centre, we have professionals who care more.

  • Advice driven, we identify any gaps in existing coverage and provide ways to address them
  • We provide additional Risk Management services tailored to your needs, including assistance with waivers and facility risk management
  • We are always mindful of expense and look for opportunities to uncover potential savings
  • We posses both local knowledge and global capability – active in our communities and transacting with global partners. We provide superior breadth of coverage and knowledge to ensure your experiences are always protected
  • We will craft an insurance plan tailored to the specific needs of your organization

User Group Applications

Our User Group Insurance Program is designed to provide insurance coverage for anyone renting facilities that do not have access to other insurance coverage.

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